photo credit: juan figueroa

photo credit: juan figueroa

It all started when…

I went vegan in summer of 2016. (Read more about my vegan story here.) As I got more involved in the vegan lifestyle, I discovered vegan blogs and thought... I bet I could do that! So I started Sipping on Soy. Originally, I planned on it being just a recipe blog, but my interests go so far beyond veganism that I wanted this blog to be a more comprehensive reflection of who I am and what I'm about. 

On this blog you'll still find recipes, but you will also find poetry, pieces about sustainability and ethical living, guides to vegan living in Austin, and basically whatever else I feel like talking about! 

Hopefully you find something here that intrigues you, makes you think, or makes you happy. I'm so glad you're here.

Make some snacks, sip on a soy latte, and stay a while.

With love, Aaliyah