5 Sustainable Hygiene Swaps to Make


Hello, friends! I constantly struggle to remain hopeful and motivated to continue working towards my goal of decreasing my impact on the planet and on other people. It can at times feel very lonely when others around me don't exactly see the world the way I do, but some things have the opposite effect. 

Some things motivate me to continue on my journey to a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. One of those things is finding new brands that do really cool work and make really awesome products. None of this is sponsored, I just wanted to share with you some brands that I love and that are easy swaps if you are looking to support companies doing good work! 

(None of these products were tested on animals or contain animal ingredients.)


1.  Dropps 

Dropps is a brand that specializes in detergents! I found them while looking for an alternative to tide pods. They ship in a cardboard box which can be composted (and also serves as the box to hold the detergent pods). Plus, the detergent pods themselves are made of a biodegradable material that won't pollute our water supply with microplastics! In my experience (and I've been using the laundry detergent pods for about four months), they work well! My clothes smell clean when they are done, and I haven't noticed any fading or anything. 

What's really cool too is that if you'd like to try them out, they offer a free trial box! If you'd like to learn more, visit their website here. I eventually want to try their dishwasher pods, so once I do I'll probably write a follow up post!


2. Who Gives a Crap 

Who Gives a Crap is a socially proactive company which offers sustainable alternatives to traditional toilet paper. When I first purchased from who gives a crap, I bought a larger box of 48 rolls of toilet paper that I am still working through! It was a Christmas special and the TP was made from bamboo. 

In the future, when I buy from them again (which I definitely will) I will get the toilet paper made with recycled materials, because while I didn't know at the time, according to them the recycled TP is more sustainable than the bamboo. Either way, it's a step beyond most traditional toilet papers in terms of the use of sustainable resources. And they are packaged in paper and shipped in a cardboard box to your door. Plastic packaging who? 

The most heartwarming thing about who gives a crap is their mission. When you buy toilet paper from them, you are helping to fund the construction of toilets in communities that don't have them. Half of their profits go to this effort. Before reading briefly about this issue on their website, lack of toilets in underprivileged communities wasn't something I ever thought of, but according to their website, approximately 40% of the world's population doesn't have access to toilets--and toilets can save lives. Read more on their impact page

They also carry paper towels and tissues! If you are interested in giving a crap, shop here.  


3. Preserve Razor 

Let me start off by saying, there are more sustainable razors out there. If you've seen most zero waste bathroom swap lists, you know safety razors are a great and sustainable choice, but not everything works for everyone, and quite frankly I like to shave everywhere and feel uncomfortable doing so with a safety razor. 

That doesn't mean I don't care about making better choices! Preserve makes a whole slew of products, but their razor is the most intriguing to me. I found out about them while shopping at Whole Foods. While recycling plastics isn't the most sustainable option (when compared to recycling glass/aluminum or reducing/reusing), it's still important! At my apartment, we can only put #1 & #2 plastics in our recycle bin. At Whole Foods, there is a collection bin for #5 plastics (like is frequently used to manufacture yogurt cups).

These plastics are what Preserve repurposes into colorful razor handles! They are playful, comfortable to hold, easy to use, and can be recycled again!  Old Preserve razor handles can be sent to Preserve and they can recycle them again. Check out Preserve Razors here.


4. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant 

Shmidt's Nautral Deodorant works really well! Not only is it vegan and not tested on animals, but it is offered in glass jars! For a lot of people, this is an adjustment. I know I was a bit skeptical (but very excited!) to use a jar of deodorant. How would it work? Would it be effective? And I'm here to tell you it's super simple to use and for me, very effective. 

The jarred version does contain baking soda, which can be an irritant for people, so that is something to be mindful of, but I've been using it for months now and it works fine for me. When I first started using it though, I think it did irritate my skin a little bit, but since then it has just worked as intended! Like Preserve, they have a recycling program for their jars! If you return 5 empty deodorant jars to them, you earn a free jar! Win-win (Limited to US addresses)! Shop Shmidt's here.  

I'd also like to note that my first jar has lasted me a LONG time! I use deodorant almost everyday, and I'm only half way through a jar I started in or around February of this year. 


5. Unpackaged Bar Soap (Non-Specific)

Okay, this one isn't a specific brand swap, but if you'd like to cut down on your waste, you should consider swapping out conventional liquid hand/bath soap for unpacked bars of soap! I've gotten unpackaged soap at Whole Foods, Farmers Markets, Wheastville Co-op, Lush, and more. Just be sure to ask or google brands to see if their soaps are vegan! I've just recently purchased Good Soap from Whole Foods. Read more about their social impact and product line here if you're interested!

That's all I have for you today! I hope you found something on this list useful, and that you take the time to think just a little bit more about your options. Whenever possible, vote with your dollar!

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