Blissfully Unaware (TW: Sexual Assault)

I’ve not longed for your touch 
in what’s felt like years
but I blushed in your presence 
that was my mistake; I fear
comfort and desire must look 
all too similar 
in the shadows of 
a deserted playground

I laughed, albeit nervously
and you took that as consent
and you were hell bent 
on getting laid
I mean repaid
for the cash that you spent 

never mind how I dodged your gaze
how I all but twisted away 
but you twisted my face
engulfed my mouth
and ignored the guttural protestations
so primal
that perhaps they sounded like pleasure 

or maybe they sounded like 
what they were 
maybe you knew I was scared
maybe you sought to ensure

you felt me resist and asked why 
you instructed me to stop being so shy 
you put your lips to my ear 
and whispered
“It’s only one night”

but your words
hit the crisp winter air
turned to dust and died 
your eyes they pierced 
and you continued to stare
and I tried to shrink 
but your grip found me

you swear
that together 
we were bliss
but you were 
blissfully unaware