Restaurant Profile: Citizen Eatery

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I recently visited Citizen Eatery in North Austin for the second time. The first time wasn't really a dine in experience, it was more of a late night snack sesh so it doesn't really count. This time, however, I did things right. I went with a friend for lunch and we ordered the Assam Burger, the Veggie Noodles with Toasted Pecan Pesto, and the Chocolate Avocado Mousse. (I also got a Maine Root pink drink because those are SO GOOD.)  

Horizontal Burger.jpg

I thought the Assam burger patty had quite a nice flavor, though it was a bit salty and cooked too hard for Saku's (pictured below) liking. Overall it was a decent veggie burger, but neither of us really felt like we would order it again. There are for sure yummier veggie burgers in Austin. (Should I do a round up of my favorites? Let me know!)

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Saku Biting Burger.jpg

The fries the burger came with were really yummy though! Though their homemade ketchup is very sweet and not my or Saku's cup of tea. So if you are serious about your ketchup, I'd recommend bringing your own.

(Side note: I've also tried their queso before and the flavor wasn't too bad! My friends liked it, but I thought the texture was so strange. So if you don't mind more starchy textured vegan queso's then by all means try it out. If you'd prefer something smoother, maybe stay clear.)

Horizontal Pasta .jpg

For my entree I got the Veggie Noodles with Roasted Pecan Pesto! I had never had veggie noodles before this dining experience, and the noodles themselves weren't that bad, but I thought the balance of flavors were all off. The entree was waaayyy too sweet tasting for me, and the bread it came with was clearly burnt. I couldn't take more than a few bites of this meal, and I could not recommend it. Perhaps it was just an off day, but it practically had no savoriness or real flavor. It was just a bit sweet and watery. A real disappointment. 

Close Up on Zoodles.jpg
Citizen Eatery Interior.jpg

So neither of us were huge fans of our entrees, but we both thought the interior was quite nice! The atmosphere is bright and open, and there were a few cute decor pieces that would make awesome backgrounds for photos. The one thing I did like was the chocolate avocado mousse. The chocolatey part was smooth, lightly sweet, and rich! The cream on top (which likely contains coconut) was kind of salty, but I didn't mind it in this scenario. If I ever found myself at Citizen Eatery again, I would feel comfortable ordering the mousse again. 


It could have just been an off day and I know Citizen Eatery is generally highly rated, so it's worth trying out to see what you think, but I don't think I'll be visiting again anytime soon. Not only was the food underwhelming when I visited, but the service was very slow and not very personable.

Citizen Eatery Chocolate Avocado Mousse.jpg

At least this cute pic came out of the trip. If you've been to Citizen Eatery before and had a different experience, let me know in the comments below! I appreciate the different perspectives!


Until next time. xx

Good to Know


All Vegan?: Update: Yes! As of October 2018, they are all vegan thanks to Planted Events (an offshoot of ATX vegans). Woo!

Price Range: $$

Website: Citizen Eatery

Address: 5011 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX 78756

Parking: There is a lot of available parking! No stress here. (: 

What I Recommend: Chocolate Avocado Mousse & Citizen Fries

My takeaways:

  • Very Gluten-Free friendly!

  • In a populated area with several other restaurants/food trucks and places around to peruse.

  • Has a nice aesthetic, but the service was quite lacking. Nothing too special from my experience.