Restaurant Profile: Skull & Cakebones


My first visit to Skull & Cakebones definitely won't be my last. After trying their avocado smash (basically avocado toast) at a pop-up during SXSW last year, I've been wanting to visit their brick & mortar location. My roommate and I both agreed that the Avocado smash was amazing, AND they participated in the Depressed Cake Shop campaign for the duration of mental health awareness month, so I knew I had to stop by before May ended. Even though it was a 35 minute drive for me as someone who lives by UT Austin, I'm glad I made the trip!


The Depressed Cake Shop is a grassroots movement that seeks to raise mental health awareness, and I think it's worthwhile to note the companies that try to be a part of the solution! Skull & Cakebones also partners with several local businesses to boost the community, and their trays are also lined with reusable silicone liners! I don't know if this is a standard practice, but I've never seen it before so I was excited to see these sustainable alternatives in their display. 

By the time I had gotten there, there were few cupcakes left (as you can see) but quite a few cinnamon rolls! Cinnamon rolls are a personal favorite of mine, so I naturally gravitated towards those. 


I got the cinnamon roll warmed up, and I enjoyed it!  The outside was a little dry, but the inside layers were soft, moist, and so so yummy. It might have been an off day though, because I've seen several reviews that sing their praises, so I will definitely give it another shot. That said the cinnamon roll I got was not bad by any means, and they were HUGE. Yum. They also had chocolate croissants & sausage rolls that I'm oh so excited to go back and try. The sausage rolls were selling out when I got there, so they seem like a guest favorite. 


The interior is quite small, but very cute! There is limited seating inside as well as additional seating outside on a spacious patio. It would be a nice place to sit and get work done too. They offer some standard espresso drinks and caffeinated teas so you can have enough energy to power through your work (or just have a nice drink to go with your pastry)!


I also got the grilled cheese while I was there, and it was SO. GOOD. Definitely would order it again. It reminded me of grilled cheese sandwiches from Sonic that I was obsessed with as a child (but better). The bread was buttery and crispy, and they use Chao vegan cheese which is one of the best vegan cheeses on the market, in my opinion. While I got mine plain, they also offer Facon (Fake Bacon) as an upgrade. You can even get tomato basil soup as well (if it's their soup of the day), which I'm sure would make a marvelous pairing if you are into that kind of thing! With or without the upgrades though, the simple sandwich hit the spot. 

Overall I had a positive experience! The staff was kind and rather laid back, and their assortment of delicious looking pastries makes me want to drive all the way back just to try a few more of their offerings. 

Good to Know


All Vegan?: Yes! This bakery is 100% vegan. 

Price Range: $

Website: Skull & Cakebones

Address: 3991 E HWY 290, Unit A
Dripping Spring, TX 78620

Parking: The parking is rather plentiful. There is a lot of sorts on the side of the building with several parking spots. It's not a paved lot though. 

What I Recommend: Chao Grilled Cheese, Avocado Smash, Cream Cheese Danish

Surroundings: Not much around. It's kind of out of the way from central Austin and there isn't a lot nearby in terms of other vegan restaurants. 


  • They are closed on Mondays. 
  • They can warm up pastries upon request. 
  • They have wholesale products available for sale around Austin and a few other places if it's out of your way. For a full list of wholesale vendors, check out their website.